International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Berlin & Rostock level 1 | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | Karam Kriya Schule | Shiv Charan Singh

Karam Kriya

On this site the Karam Kriya School Germany offers information about the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin and Rostock. Karam Kriya is an organic and ever young approach to find creative ways to utilise the passing time. This in order to create opportunities and to expand our possibilities of unlocking our full potential. To give birth to the individualised soul while here in the precious jewel of human life. And also in the midst of time and space given for this purpose. It is the ongoing practice of re-negotiating the ways we shape our physical and psychic space towards the above-mentioned purpose.

Kundalini Yoga

As brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga combines breathing, movement, relaxation and meditation. It is the science of sequence, rhythm and sound, to work on every aspect of your body, mind and soul. No previous experience in yoga or related disciplines is required for you to begin to achieve undeniable benefits almost immediately. Kundalini Yoga provides a plan that is perfect for the new millennium.

If you want to learn something,
read about it.
If you want to understand something,
write about it.
It you want to master something,
teach it.
– Yogi Bhajan-

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Berlin & Rostock level 1 | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | Karam Kriya Schule

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 

Become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and join the Training. The training is online. The training consists of 9 Modules and a 5 day residential Ashram Experience held in Quinta do Rajo (Portugal), the head quarters of the Karam Kriya School.

This training is in English accredited by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) in the United States. The training is led by Shiv Charan Singh as lead trainer and director of the Karam Kriya School.

Who are the Trainers of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training?

New training starting in January 2022!
Registration open til 20th of December 2021

  • Obtain a Kundalini Yoga Teaching Certificate, issued by KRI which is recognized worldwide.
  • Gain a sound understanding of the fundamental nature, technologies and concepts of Kundalini Yoga.
  • Experience a transformation through the practice of the teachings and related lifestyle.
  • Develop the skills, confidence and consciousness required to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher.
  • Build a relationship with other participating students, local teachers and the 3HO community.


Do you have questions, would you like to know more or do you want to apply for the training?

Contact: kkberlin at gmx dot de

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