Join our Sadhana in Berlin

If you are longing for Sangat, want to sing passionately again or cleanse your subconscious mind for a good reboot in 2018, then come back to Sadhana – we are happy to have you!

Come to Sadhana this weekend, both days at 5.30 am at the Center for Yoga and Voice, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30, Berlin-Kreuzberg. If you are looking for Sangat, passionate singing, or meditating to prepare your subconsciuos for a perfect start to 2018, come here. We look forward to see you

Start with wonderful sadhana
Saturday 6.1. + Sunday 7.1. 30.5
Center for Yoga u Voice, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30
Berlin-Kreuzberg 4th floor

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | Karam Kriya Schule

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