Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

About the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock - Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1

We are offering an International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1, approved by The Kundalini Research Institute (KRI).
Language in class is English.
What you will get from this training
  • Obtain a Kundalini Yoga Teaching Certificate, issued by KRI, recognized worldwide.
  • Gain a sound understanding of the fundamental nature, technologies and concepts of Kundalini Yoga.
  • Experience a transformation through the practice of the teachings and related lifestyle.
  • Develop the skills, confidence and consciousness required to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher.
  • Build a relationship with other participating students, local teachers and the 3HO community. 

Course Content

Module 1:
2 days Introduction


  • Introduction and course guidelines.
  • Origins and foundations of Kundalini yoga.
  • Stages of it’s development.
  • Definition of yoga and yogi. Types of yoga. Purpose of yoga.
  • Golden Chain. Adi Mantra. Basic class structure.
  • 3HO Code for Kundalini Yoga Teachers.
  • Teacher’s Oath.

Module 4:
2 days Breathing & Living

  • Pranayama: what, how, why of the breath.
  • Yogic Lifestyle. How to awake, diet, times of day, getting the best sleep
  • Addiction: and how yoga helps. Link to Cautions and pitfalls.
  • Relaxation.

Module 7:
2 days Humanology

  • We are Spirits here for the Human Experience.
  • The possible Hu-man Be-ing.
  • Soul’s choice, soul’s journey, birth, 120 days, the mother.
  • Being fe/male, growing up, Moon Points, lifecycles, Meditations for Wo/men.
  • Relationships –the highest yoga. Venus Kriyas. Tips for Communication.

Module 2:
2 days Shabd, Mantra & Sadhana

  • Shabd Guru — The quantum technology of sound.
  • The 4 yugas.
  • The nature of the age we live in. Aquarian Age: the changes and challenges and what is needed.
  • Sensory human. Body as a communication system.
  • Mantra: the meanings, effect, and how to chant.
  • Sadhana: your personal spiritual practice.

Module 5:
2 days The Technology of the Times

  • Kriyas: concept and practice
  • Asanas: angles, triangles, rhythm.
  • The effects and benefits
  • The cautions.
  • Shivasana     
  • Muscular and skeletal system

Module 8:
2 days Roles & Responsibilities

  • The art of being a student.
  • 5 steps to wisdom, the 4 errors and 2 laws.
  • The nature and art of being a teacher.
  • Class structure, preparing, setting and maintaining tone and environment.
  • Teaching in different spaces, levels, and groups. Managing the time, the space, the ambience & the people.
  • Class preparation, administration, Gurudakshina.
  • Message, market & media.

Module 3:
2 days Yogic and western anatomy

  • Body systems and specific organs & glands
  • How yoga and diet help.
  • Cautions and pitfalls. Power/money/sex.
  • The yoga process
  • Yogic anatomy.
  • 5 senses, passions & vayus.
  • 5 niyamas and asana.
  • The path of the Kundalini and the 3 bhandas.

Module 6:

2 days Mind and Meditation

  • The techniques, types, effects over time: i.e. gong, mala, Tratakam, points of focus, Mantra, Mudras, Prayer, Banis, Sat Nam Rasayan healing.
  • Types of tantra.
  • Patanjali.
  • The 3 minds

Module 9:
2 days Yogic Philosophy

  • Key terms and common concepts.
  • Ladder of subtlety and cycle of manifestation.
  • Sutras of Patanjali, importance of concentration, yamas and niyamas in detail, Pratyahaar to Samadhi.
  • Maya and the cycle of manifestation.
  • Death and dying.
  • The stages, issues, opportunity and technology.
  • Dead/Liberated while Alive
  • Relaxation — its importance, different techniques.

Ashram Experience

A mandatory component of the level 1 training is the attendance of a 5 day residential in Quinta do Rajo, Portugal. The experience will consist of plenty of yoga and meditation in particular, plus teaching of various topics as listed above in the course content, but with a very hands on approach so that attendees get to experience the teachings as they learn about them. Attendees will also be expected to take partake in karma yoga or seva – lending a helping hand with cooking, cleaning etc. important aspects of community living.


What else can you expect?


  • Ten Spiritual Bodies; and Applied Science of Spiritual Numerology [Karam Kriya].
  • KY and Sikh Dharma: Differences and Similarities.
  • Resources for the teacher (incl. community and continuity).
  • Q & A
  • Personal Check In
  • Improving teaching skills

Open to all


In addition to enrolled trainees, the ashram experience is open to the general public and can in fact be a means through which prospective trainees can get a taste of the level 1 training before enrolling. It is also designed to be an experience where one can learn about holistic living and which one can just enjoy as a retreat from working life.
For more info about the venue visit the Quinta do Rajo website. It is also possible to book the Ashram Week independent from the training.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | Ashram experience | karam Kriya Schule

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1


23rd + 24th October 2021 
27th + 28th November 2021 
18th + 19th December 2021 
22nd + 23rd January 2022
26th + 27th February 2022 UPDATED
19th + 20th March 2022
30th April + 1st May 2022
4th + 5th June 2022
25th + 26th June 2022

Ashram Experience (5 Days in Portugal, and is booked independently – we recommend 08th – 12th July 2022 or 15th – 19th July 2022)
Exam 28th August 2022

Training Fee

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | karam Kriya Schule


Training fee is €2700, paid latest 4 weeks before the start of the training.
Early Bird – full price paid til 31st of August 2021 – 2600€
Price for 2 – please contact us.

What this covers:

  • Tuition
  • Aquarian Teacher Training Manual – digital
  • Manual with Kriyas and Meditations – digital
  • Administration & General support

The full cost of the course does NOT take into account the following list of expenses which the student is expected to be able and prepared to pay.

  • One white Tantric Yoga or one day Meditaiton (50 – 150 €)
  • Travel to Portugal for the Ashram Experience (flights from 150 € onwards)
  • Food and accomodation at Ashram Experience (approx. 250€)
  • Teaching fee at Ashram Experience (approx. 375€)


A non-returnable deposit of €550 is required with your application –
or full payment up front latest 4 weeks before the start.


open til 25th of September

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Who are the trainers?

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | karam Kriya Schule


Zentrum für Yoga und Stimme
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30
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