New group of Kundalini Yoga Teachers are ready!

in 2013 I reached out to Shiv Charan Singh to talk with him about my wish to bring the Aquarian ATraining – Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 as taught by Yogi Bhajan, guided by the Karam Kriya School and Shiv Charan Singh as Lead trainer, to Berlin as the first training of the KK School in Germany. He agreed and a team was set up. 

We then started the first Level 1 as a cooperation of two cities – Berlin and Hamburg and the first students had 1 weekend in Berlin and the next one in Hamburg always alternating. In 2015 I started the first international training with teachers from all over Europe, taught in DE and ENG in Berlin and my dear colleague Guru Darshan started one in Hamburg. 

Now already the 3rd group of 14 wonderful new Kundalini Yoga Teachers passed their exam. Here you can see them. Look forward to more inspiring Kundalini Yoga in the City <3 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | Karam Kriya Schule

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