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Meet the wonderful teachers of the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 

Shiv Charan Singh - Lead Trainer - Portugal

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | Karam Kriya Schule | Shiv Charan Singh | ausbilder - teachers

Shiv Charan Singh is the founding director of the Karam Kriya School and co-founder of Quinta do Rajo, its headquarters in Portugal. Scottish by birth, he is an outstanding and authentic spiritual teacher. Karam Kriya means ‘action in spiritual awareness’. He runs training programs throughout Europe, Australia and South America. Author of ‘Let the Numbers Guide You’ he has written five books, including a poetry book and he also sees people daily in his practice as a counselor. 

„My main interest is not just to teach techniques – these can be learnt from books, but to enter into the shared space of a negotiated relationship to the unknown, which is the frontier of our consciousness.“-Shiv Charan Singh

Ardas Kaur - Organizer, Training Support & Consultation

Ardas Kaur loves to teach Kundalini Yoga, because she finds in it the greatest tools to reach out to her students to support them in their unique way of discovering their greatest gifts which so often can be found in the wounds of the heart. She is a KRI certified professional Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer and Karam Kriya consultant. Numbers guide her throughout her life, when teaching and counseling. She is also a Pregnancy Yoga teacher trainer, specialized in Postnatal Yoga, a family therapist, doula and job coach.

Preet Kaur

Preet Kaur is an associate teacher trainer with the Karam Kriya School. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga classes, workshops and retreats in the UK since 2008. She is a singer, musician, poet, sound healer and Sat Nam Rasayan healer. Preet has many years of experience with working with the gong as a tool for transformation and runs workshops for people to learn how to play the gong for healing, relaxation and as an aid to meditation. She feels very blessed to support others to come into their hearts, find inner strength and come back to their true shining selves. 

Atma Singh

Atma Singh is a professional trainer for Kundalini Yoga level 1 & 2, founder of Adi Shakti – Zentrum für Yoga & Selbstheilung in Göttingen and founder of the Kriya Institute, providing trainings for Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya as taught by Shiv Charan Singh, his spiritual Teacher. Atma Singh has the gift to inspire others with his openminded and fun way of teaching. He is an artist by nature and holds a diploma in art. His creativity is also shown in his music.

Guru Darshan Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | Karam Kriya Schule | guru darshan kaur | ausbilder - teachers

Guru Darshan Kaur lives in Hamburg and founded the DEVAH Yoga Center in St Pauli which she led until 2014. She teaches Karam Kriya in Germany and Europe and her spiritual Teacher is Shiv Charan Singh. Guru Darshan Kaur offers Karam Kriya consultations and organizes the Aquarian Teacher Training in Hamburg. She contributes to different Sangat events with topic such as numerology, women, leadership, nutrition or creativity. She loves the company of different people and encourages all to share and mutually inspire each other. She works as an illustrator, artist and designer.

Anandraj Singh - Norway

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | Karam Kriya Schule | Anand Raj Singh | ausbilder - teachers

Anand Raj Singh is a Yoga teacher with heart and soul. To him Yoga is meant to unfold the creative potential to experience the self in its original nature. After exploring Chinese martial arts Anand Raj took up his studies of Yoga in India in 1999 and is since than immersing in to the science of Kundalini Yoga with all its varies aspects. He is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Five years ago AnandRaj moved from his hometown Berlin to Norway where he is running Kundalini Yoga Skolen in Oslo together with his wife and partner Salila Gyanjot. AnandRaj`s background as musician, artist and art therapist gives his approach to Yoga depth and playfulness. While his dedication to Karam Kriya (yogic numerology), lets the alignment of spiritual wisdom shine through his teachings.

Paramjeet Singh

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training level 1 Berlin & Rostock | Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung Stufe 1 | Karam Kriya Schule | Paramjeet Singh | ausbilder - teachers

Paramjeet Singh came from Hatha Yoga to Kundalini Yoga and eventually found Karam Kriya. Since 2010 he has been teaching regular classes workshops and retreats to help people towards more relaxation, happiness and joy in life. He is a translator of numerous Kundalini Yoga books such as Man to Man, The 21 Stages of Meditation, Sadhana Guidelines, The Mind,  etc. As a guitar player and musician he sets mantras and shabds into tunes. He is fond of Gurmukhi and works on transcribing the original script and teach correct pronunciation. The wisdom of numbers and the Shabd Guru enrich his classes and are the foundation in his work as a spiritual consultant.

Atma Ras Kaur

Atma Ras Kaur is mentee in her second year – which means she will also teach some topics throughout the year – she is a Kundalini Yoga teacher for about 20 years and supports the training with her loving heart and bright mind.